The Platform

"Is it our eyes that deceit us first or is it the way we were conditioned to see the way of the world?

Either way you have it, we are damaged by the projected image they so freely impose on us without regards. That we often forget that "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

-Shekia Murray



I stand for all communities, young & old; for those of you who never felt enough because of your skin complexion, your hair wasn't the "perfect texture or maybe you just "didn't have the look" they subjected you to. I am you & you are me. I stand in honor of this position to attest that you too are ENOUGH & you are greatly needed. I stand in honor representing for you so that you can rise above all infirmities too. I stand in honor of this position to heal all of our damaged parts for thinking we weren't enough because society said our color wasn't. Stand with me & take my hand- we have work to do & a crown to have so we can share our stories with the world.