Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! Please read through this FAQ page. I will attempt to answer the most popular questions and concerns that may surface. Hope you're enjoying your time on Medley737.net!


Q. Can I exchange my unopened item after receiving it?

A. Unfortunately, at this time Medley737 is not accepting any returns or exchanges. Due to the ongoing Pandemic my number one goal is to keep all of my beautiful & handsome customers safe! So all sales are FINAL. However, you're not dismissed just yet! If you do have any issues with a product you've received please reach out and I will be more than happy to assist you the best way I can.


Q. I don't recognize this charge on my account; who is Medley737?

A. Uh oh! Well in order to get here you would've had to type in..hmm..lets see... www.medley737.net OH! DING! That's us silly LOL. We are Medley737 & all transactions on your bank statement will reflect as such "Medley737" Before attempting to dispute with your bank about an unfamiliar transaction or name please shoot me an email I will be more than happy to look into it for you and attempt to resolve the issue at hand. 2020medley737@gmail.com

Q. Can I pay by check?

A. Unfortunately, Medley737 can not accept any check payments. I value my customers privacy and information and a check will definitely require you to be vulnerable. However, there are several other options for payment once you have reached your check out point you will be prompt with the available options. If you have any problems please reach out to me via email 2020medley737@gmail.com and I will assist you.

Q. I got an error message when submitting payment, what should I do?

A. Please, please, please, please, please..... Please! DO NOT attempt to submit payment more than once if you happen to get an error code. Life should be simple & peaceful! So, first thing check your bank transactions to make sure you weren't charged. If you were charged- disregard the error message, but email me notifying me of the issue so I can double check to make sure your order went through on my end. IF YOU DIDN'T GET CHARGED- Please do not refresh screen I suggest you completely exit checkout screen after clearing all your bank info and restart check out process. If the problem persist double check card info, web browser etc. Please also forward this information to me via email. 


Q. Do you have any promos or discounts?

A. Absolutely! What kind of cool business would we be without promos! Check out our page periodically we will always have something new in store for you! 

Q. Do you have group rates?

A. Absolutely! I love when friends and family get together to accomplish something great! All the details depending on the package and service you are requesting is listed on the main product page. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach me via email.  

Q. Can I use two discount codes at once?

A. Heyyy that's not fair. Sharing is caring so lets save some discounts for our neighbors too! Only one per purchase please & thank you.. be nice!


Q. Do you ship international?

A. Yes! I ship and show love world wide!

Q. Why is international shipping fee more than U.S shipping?

A. Well, unfortunately distance is not on our side and it would take millions of hours for me to hand deliver it to you. Our dedicated carriers must put in this work for us so we must pay according to shipping regulations. 

Q. I didn't receive my package. So what now?

A. Great question! We have an awesome tracking system that will send you updates on your order. However, if you happen to not receive what belongs to you please reach out to me via email and I will definitely fix and find the problem! 2020medley737@gmail.com

Q. I am missing items in my order. What to do?

A. Immediately notify me via email and include a picture of packaging and items that came in it. 2020medley737@gmail.com

Notary Services:

Q. Do I have to be present for the Notary act to take place?

A. Absolutely, YES! no exceptions if you are notarizing a document meant for your purpose. 

Q. I don't have a drivers license/ I lost my drivers license. Can you still notarize my documents?


Q. Do you charge extra to travel? 

A. Yes. All details with fees are listed on Notary Public product page. 


Q. Will you have more products and services coming to your site?

A. I absolutely LOOOOVE this question because the answer is YES! Please stay tuned.... 2021!