Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! Please read through this FAQ page. I will attempt to answer the most popular questions and concerns that may surface. Hope you're enjoying your time on Medley737.net!


Basic Info:

Q. What is Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A Texas organization?

A. JT Pageant Enterprises presents their wildly popular plus-size event- The Ms. Full-Figured USA Pageant. LLC which was established 30 years ago & have successfully embraced women of all shapes and sizes while demonstrating that size has no barrier on beauty! -Please see the Ms. Full-Figured tab for cover letter from Organization.


Q. What are you winning? Is this a one time thing?

A. This is a state level Pageant event. Once crowned you will then move forward into Nationals- which makes you the runner up amongst many beautiful women across the map for the National title. However, it isnt just about winning- there is a greater cause & that is to bring awareness to the undermined features of a woman that society often disregard on a daily.


Q. Can I pay by check?

A. Unfortunately, we can not accept any check payments. We value our supporters privacy and information and a check will definitely require you to be vulnerable. However, there are several other options for payment: CASHAPP, ZELLE, CASH & PAYPAL - All payment details are under the 'All sponsorship details' tab & main page. If you desire to give cash only please reach out to me under my 'CONTACT' tab Thank you


Q. I got an error message when submitting payment, what should I do?

A. Please, Please, Please! DO NOT attempt to submit payment more than once if you happen to get an error code. First thing check your bank transactions to make sure you weren't charged. If you were charged- disregard the error message, but email me notifying me of the issue so I can double check to make sure your order went through on my end. IF YOU DIDN'T GET CHARGED- Please do not refresh screen I suggest you completely exit checkout screen after clearing all your bank info and restart check out process. If the problem persist double check card info, web browser, clear cache, etc. Please also forward this information to me via email. 7371225@gmail.com


Q. Can we donate/sponsor more than the requested amount to possibly help you with any extra expenses for the Pageant?

A. Absolutely! The more assistance the better! I am grateful for you considering to be here with me & supporting my journey. Everything received goes straight to my campaign & no matter the size of the dollar amount it will all help and I will forever be grateful! Thank you!


Q. Can I donate items to you for the Pageant?

A. Absolutely! Any and all things will help and will be greatly appreciated! Clothing, Shoes, Wigs, Makeup, Hairstyles, etc are all welcomed!


Q. Can we donate to this organization?

A. Absolutely! If you've satisfied your direct donations to me & would like to support our foundation please reach out to me under my 'CONTACT' tab.


Q. Who does this money go to? What is this money being used for?

A. Great question! All donations/sponsorship goes directly to the delegate & will aid in the different categories she chooses to join as well as her Pageant fees associated with being runner up. Your kind gesture will also supply way for the many different expenses that will arise being a candidate for example: Gowns, Makeup, Hair, Fees, Wardrobe & much more! Your helping hand will make a difference in my journey & success.


Q. When is the show?

A. October 14th, 2023- Location: TBD. I will be updating the website with location and time when that information is released. As of now- TICKETS FOR THE SHOW GO ON SALE APRIL 1ST,2023. 


Q. Can we write you a word of encouragment note/letter? How do we contact you?

A. Yes! Please write me all the letters & notes! I would love that so much & it would encourage me and give me hope. So, yes please flood my inbox with letters and notes. I will be accepting these correspondence via the contact us link on this website or via email:  smurray1225@gmail.com

**I can't wait to read your notes!


Q. Can we donate more than once at different times? Can we share your site to the public for more support?

A. Absolutely! Please share, share, share! & Most definitely you can donate however many times you are able to.