About Me

"She overcame everything that was set out to destroy her." -N.A

I am gracefully embracing this new me. Often times I would wonder "what purpose do I hold in this lifetime?" So many things never fell through or failed on me. So many things attempted to destroy me, my character, my well being, but one things for sure I never lost sight of Gods plan for my life... I knew that at some point he would reveal that to me because he created me and kept me here for a purpose. 

I'm Shekia! Some may refer to me as "Jelicia" which is not only my model name, but my birth middle name & YES! I did say model. I am a local Houston Plus-Size Model that enjoys posing for lights, camera, action! There's so much I can sit here and tell you about my experience in this modeling world, but if I had to choose one word to describe it...it would be "Superb!" No worries you will definitely be seeing a lot more of "Jelicia"... Stay tuned!

I'd like to take the focus to my picture above. I'm sure the minute you clicked on this page the first thing you probably notice was the knee brace... AND THAT'S PERFECT! I intentionally chose a pose that will not only reveal the full outfit (the blended style), but I wanted my knee brace to reveal itself. You know that saying "Love the parts you dislike about yourself just a little more" or how about "Your imperfection is your perfection" or maybe "EMBRACE ALL THAT LIFE HAS THROWN TO YOU." About almost two years ago I had an incident that caused injury to my left knee. Well, funny story about the odds being against you while trying to elevate. My injuries from almost two years ago resurfaced causing major pain that has now led to other things that has brought me to this point. In the midst of me preparing for a life changing platform here comes one interruption. Well here I stand as you can see I let nothing stop me from pushing through! I overcame everything that was set out to destroy me. 

So my advice to anyone needing some type of hope "Keep moving forward, keep pushing, stay focused on the vision, but most of all put God first and include him in everything I promise he won't let you down."  I admire this photo because it speaks volume. When I look at this photo everything about it explains to you who I am as a person. Free, reserved, but outgoing, fun, professional and classy with a hint of down to earth casual, calm, but radiant, vibrant and welcoming, very diverse and educated with so much spice and love all at the same time. 

 As your Ms. Texas Full-Figured Delegate; I stand in place representing for each insecurity, flaw, self doubt, voiceless, disappointment, discouragment, loneliness, fearfulness & abuse that each of you may be carrying. I stand so that you can press on, I stand so you may have a voice to speak loud & bold & I stand because you are more than enough & greatly needed in this world. Please stand with me & let's own our spot in lights!


Oh! Where are my manners?! Did I forget to mention my favorite food is Spaghetti, my favorite color is Pink & Royal blue... I enjoy traveling (currently looking for the next best destination) and I LOVE DOGS, but I don't have one... I have a fish instead... & his name is Nino! LOL. Alright you guys it has been a pleasure! Be blessed.

Yours Truly, 

-Shekia M.